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Helping Small Business for 25 Years

Picture of Sue Sherrick My specialty is providing you the financial and management information necessary to increase your profitability. My monthly assessments of the financial health of your business give you the real-time information needed to make those strategic corrections to business plan that keeps you operating in the “black”.

Your Own CFO at a Fraction of the Cost

A typical business profile would be organizations of between 1 to 25 employees with a principal owner or partners, very much involved in day to day, hands on, business operations. In these environments I function as the CFO, providing financial and strategic expertise to businesses that can not afford a full time business manager capable of operating at this level. The principals & I work as a team.

On the initial visit I will do both an analysis of the business operations and provide a list of recommendations. These recommendations are always tailored to your business. I provide accurate monthly reports offering a comprehensive overview of the financial health of your business. I am able to interpret this data in simple language and can offer strategizing ways to enhance your bottom line.